Harrison2 (Ronald) for "SteamingToAvondale"
ORBITAL, (Joe Vinton) "The Western Shores"
jeanpepe (David Gauderlot) "le retour du printemps" (URL missing)
Frogdot "The Cold Years"
Smudger (Mick Pearce) "Dawn Puffer"
SanityImpaired1 "Through The Window Or Beyond The Wall"
Primal (Bill) "Passage"
WaldoDessa (Vladimir) "Evening Story"
Tschjango "kueste"
dwdragon (Kelvin) "A Safe Harbour"
Primal (Bill) "The guide"
jeanpepe (David Gauderlot) "le nouveau monde"
bs58 (Brian) "Reflections"
jeanpepe (David Gauderlot) "WAR"
RodD "999 Carrion Crest View"
David Wiles (Hamfast) "Shieldmaiden of Rohan"
Harrison2 (Ronald) "SteamingToAvondale"
ascript (Anita) "the River"
Rori "On the shore after the battle"
Aurore (Chris ) "Painted View"
Harrison2 (Ronald) "TREAT"
Aurore (Chris ) "Still Bryce"
Thelby "The Study"
omac (alex) "Runaway"
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